Automated Conveyor Line

Logistics sorting automated conveyor lineisoften used in object detection, shunt, packing and so on system. Logisticsautomation of sorting conveyor belt is suitable for all kinds of boxes, bags,trays and other pieces of cargo transport, logistics powder are also applicableto the sorting conveyor line, small items or irregular items on the tray orturnover in the transportation, logistics sorting can automatic conveyor beltconveyor for the materials, logistics sorting conveyor line under impact load.

After the whole unmanned packaging line: bycarton box molding bottom sealing machine (out of the machine) - robot packingmachine - the cardboard and cardboard placement machine - weighing removingmachine, manual, certificate of approval on the label on the machine - boardplacement machine, automatic folding &sealing machine - made up of bufferconveyor and other packaging equipment.

Factory automationconveyor line, assembly line, roller conveyor, belt conveyor, chain conveyor,chain conveyor, mesh belt conveyor, screw conveyor, continuous lift machine,assembly manipulator, vertical transport machine, sorting conveyor system, etc.