The Electric Mobile Shelves

The electric mobile shelves


Electric mobile racking is one of our company'shigh density storage systems, each row of shelves is equipped with one or twomotor driven, shelf unit with the help of a device under the shelf bearing car,along the track laying on the ground of mobile (and trackless structure).

Electric mobile racking systems need only one,very high space utilization, shockproof performance is good, widely used in themedia, library, financial, food, cold storage service industry such as the warehouse.

Electric mobile racking features:

Concise and beautiful appearance, easy tooperate.

Optional two braking methods of manual andelectric, easy to control, stable and reliable;

The shelves from start to brake and balance;

Shelf has a safety switch, before and after theencounter obstacles the shelves immediately stop;

Motor and drive mechanism in shelves inside thebase, safe and beautiful;

Use of gear transmission, 1:2000 kg torque, itcan achieve manually move multiple sets of shelves at the same time;

When don't need to access goods, move the shelftogether, after all can be locked closed;

Shelves outlet is equipped with magnetic rubbersealing, smooth operation, low noise;

Have frozen type, explosion proof, dustproof,security and other functional warehouse;

According to the bearing can be divided intoheavy electric mobile racking, medium electric mobile racking and lightelectric mobile racking 3 kinds