Beam Type Shelf

Beam type shelf

A, design basis:

Shelves of the design, manufacture, installationand acceptance standards and other related standard requirements.

1) CECS23 "steel shelves structure designspecification"

2) GBJ17-88 "steel structure design code"

3) QB/KS1002-9 "steel plug type shelftechnical conditions"

B, the beam type shelves and instructions

1, column: vertical main support parts, mainsupport role.

2, lateral brace, and column and brace ofuprights, increase the strength and stability of uprights.

3, brace, and columns, cross arm of uprights,increase the strength and stability of uprights.

4, spats: protect column, prevent the forklifttruck crashed into a column.

5, block: the cooperate with cross arm on thepillar.

6, safety pin: this a fork in a correspondinghole of column and beam, limit beam relative movement in the direction of thepost limit role.

7, lie between block: main guarantee outside thebeam up and convenient with the goods.

8, beams: shelves horizontal fittings, connectedwith columns.

C, shelf material strength index

The strength of the rack profiles standard(N/was) GB6723-86 index

D, shelf surface treatment and color:

1, the processing technological process:

1.1 the process before manufacture (no rust)

Skim to washing to watch, washing, phosphating,high pressure water washing

The process before 1.2 hot rolled plate and hotrolled profiles

Oil free state: pickling to washing to watch,washing, phosphating, high pressure water washing

Have oil state: pickling to washing todegreasing, washing, and to watch - phosphating, high pressure water washing

2, surface coating using through the ISO9000quality certification enterprise production of high quality epoxy powder foam.

3, plastic spraying the surface is bright andclean, smooth, colour and lustre is consistent.

E, beams racking system features:

The most widely used shelf, completespecifications, complete specifications, host range, suitable for all kinds ofwarehouse, can make full use of space, use forklift to access goods.