Loft-style Shelves

Loft-style shelves


A, design basis:

Loft-style shelves schemes in the design,manufacture, installation and acceptance standards and other related standardrequirements.

1) CECS23 "steel shelves structure designspecification"

2) GBJ17-88 "steel structure designcode"

Second, loft-style shelves constitute andinstructions

Loft-style shelves scheme can adopt the followingcolumn support, upper steel platform; Bottom shelf, upper steel platform orborne type shelf, up and down the structure of the platform layer board in themiddle. Loft-style shelves generally by the shelves, columns, girders, andauxiliary beam, slab, security fence, etc.

1, the shelf: borne type can choose beam typeshelf, if the lower shelves, upper steel platform, can choose the suitableaccording to the needs of carrying shelves.

, column 2: choose square tube or pipe, weldingconnecting flange on both ends and strengthen the floor, bottom by expansionbolt is fixed on the ground, the upper flange to the main girder with high-strengthbolt connection, keep the attic carrying need, is the main verticalChengZaiJian.

3, the main girder: selects h-beam. The connectedto the column, is the main transverse ChengZaiJian.

4, auxiliary beam: choose i-steel, welding flangeconnection at both ends, through the connection between the girder and girder,transverse load and the connection part.

5, floor: choose smooth floor module, module andbetween layers clasp, reoccupy connection fasteners to connect, to form awhole, exterior smooth, beautiful, bearing.

6, safety barrier: install and open surface onthe second floor, the safety protection.